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5 LPM HHO melting torch

5 LPM HHO melting torch


Imagine, having a device that is capable of melting nearly anything. It operates on simple water and electricity. It emits no Co 2 when burned. You can breathe the gas without any ill effects. Yes, it is an oxygen/hydrogen generator. Otherwise known as HHO, Brownsgas, or hydroxy. The unique thing about hydrogen is that when burned or ignited, it simply recombines with oxygen and turns back into water! No emissions!

Our custom torches are designed for hydrogen. They have different sized tips depending on the flow of hydrogen/oxygen. Burning this potent mixture of hydrogen/oxygen can be very dangerous if the proper tip is not used. We have spent the last 5 years perfecting these tips and torch structure to be as safe as possible.

The h2-drytube is a unique design made by It is the best design for durability and efficiency on the current market today. When you purchase our products you will be sure to have the best on the market.

  • Details

    5 Liters per minute of clean Hydrogen Oxygen gas
    120 VAC 50-60 HZ 7 amps
    Also available 240vac 50-60hz 5amp
    New integrated IGBT power supply
    Auto fill. Water can be added while operating
    Improved flashback protection with mister bubbler integrated foot/ thumb switch electronic valve.
    kit includes flashback protection and complete torch set.
    Boost to 7 lpm.
    Lightweight design only 60 lbs. Wet
    Dual gas dryers with auto purge return to main reservoir.
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