top of page is proud to be the original manufacture of the HHO microtorch. No more need for thoes dangerous contraptions which flash back. Check out our selection of torches and tips. is proud to present one of the best HHO fuel cells on the market today. These tubular cell far surpass the competition in durability with the most durable design you will find anywhere.
These cells are also one of the most efficent on the market, producing the max ammount of Hydrogen Oxygen gas per watt. Exclusively at

    Many years we have been burning fuels such as acetylene along with oxygen to melt steel, solder plumbing, make glass. These gases, when burned emit co2 into our atmosphere and are very expensive. Imagine, having a torch that will melt through steel, solder plumbing, melt glass, etc.. With a gas you could breathe!! And is made from WATER! That’s right! WATER! with a special electrolysis process that is over 100 years old we have developed a system which connects to a power source and converts water into a very potent mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. Usually called HHO, Browns gas, Hydroxy. When burned it turns right back into water again. And since it is made on demand, you don't need to store dangerous gases. These are definitely a must for replacing your acetylene and oxygen unit. No more expensive bottled gases.


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